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Property Management Team in Salem, OR

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Ivalor Real Estate is a full-service property management team in Salem, OR. We handle the entire process, including everything from advertisements and bookkeeping to screening and background checks. Our real estate agents do it all when it comes to a client’s needs. From assisting with your property to providing houses and apartments for rent, here are just a few more items on the long list of services we provide: 

  • Contracts
  • Work Orders
  • Investment Strategy
  • Maintenance
  • Move-out Assistance

We Ensure an All-Win Environment

There is a flat fee of seven percent coming from rental income. If you do not have a tenant paying rent, we do not get paid! At Ivalor Real Estate, we strive for a win, win, win environment! We make sure your tenant is happy and paying, which makes our clients happy, which in turn makes us happy. Win, win, win for all!

Protect Your Assets

Not everything is smooth sailing, as anyone in the property management business can attest to. We are here to make sure your assets are protected, and justice is served. Should a tenant break their lease, break the law, or stop paying entirely, we will pursue and act to the full extent of the law at no additional cost to you. We have a steady workflow to handle all evictions and collections. While they’re rare within our business, we’re still always prepared!

Yearly Expectations

Annual home inspections are performed with itemized reports delivered to our clients to assure tenants are in good standing and taking care of the home. A monthly statement is mailed out, and owner funds can be either mailed or deposited directly into their account. End of the year statements are itemized and updated to always be on top of current tax codes. Our property management team wants to make sure you’re keeping every dollar you earn!

Proud Partner of Salem Housing Authority

Ivalor Real Estate is different in our viewpoint on how a business can serve. We partner very closely with the Salem Housing Authority, Arches, Refugee Programs, and Family Promise. Our niche has been to serve our community in these amazing second-chance programs. The lives we have been able to change is far more valuable than anything we could have hoped to achieve alone, and we look forward to the future work that God and this community have in store for us! Ivalor Real Estate wants to be a resource that serves everyone we can!

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Housing Vouchers Accepted—Call Now to Discuss!

Starting with advertisements and lease agreements to beyond, our business is based on integrity and honesty, and we are here to serve. Our clients set the communication standard. Whatever is easiest for you is the way we operate. If you’re searching for rental properties or property management services, call, text, or email us anytime. We make direct support available 24/7! 

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